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Crystal Bowl Healing

Bathe in the Vibration.


Deep States of Being.

Sound baths & vibrational therapy can help you access deep states of meditation and relaxation, decrease anxiety & depression, as well as bring well-being to our body, mind and soul. This is because sound-wave frequencies have the ability to break up blocked energy, stuck emotions, and affect the energetic & physical body in many profound ways.

I invite you to come & discover how to incorporate sound into your existing healing practices and experience how singing bowls positively affect physical, mental, emotional & spiritual states.

"Through sound we can be conditioned, but through sound we can also be liberated." 
-Indradyumna Swami

Amanda's Crystal Bowls found her in 2018 while she was studying her master's degree in Washington D.C.
At that time, Amanda came to know a Shaman - who she met while working at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. Over time, they became good friends and upon her departure, the Shaman gifted Amanda the Bowls for her continued healing and spread of vibrational connection. She is forever grateful for his generosity. 
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