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Are you a women who has been going through a difficult life transition or currently in the midst of an intensive healing journey. You are not alone.

About this event

Find nurturing, loving, and sisterly support by joining our women's support group!

In this 6 week support group series, we will explore connection, healing and creativity with fiber arts therapy led by art therapist Amanda Shaw MA, LMHC, ATR. 

Together we will tap into our inner wisdom as we each create an individual story cloth that represents a story from our lives. May it be the growing pains of transformation, growth, resiliency, grief/loss, love, success or even just having fun! 

No sewing skills necessary. All Supplies & instruction provided.

This group will take place in the comfort of a sister residence located in Central Park of beautiful St. Petersburg, FL. Click the link to sign up. Don't miss out!

$35 per session. Additional $35 non-refundable supplies fee. All fees are due at the start of the group Sept. 28th 2022.









We will use symbolism and metaphor to create meaning making surrounding the fabric of our lives. Participants will learn about the power of mindful stitching and experience the benefits of creativity.

You will learn about basic stitch patterns, mindfulness and use of sewing as a tool to connect with your inner spirit and others around you.

No sewing skills necessary!! We will be using simple hand sticthing methods to engage bilateral stimulation of our brain. This is called bilateral art therapy. In the process of using both hands, a person may be able to rewire or develop neural pathways between hemispheres of their brain - letting go of old patterns while creating new ideas or habits. Bilateral art therapy is known to enhance self-awareness, reduce stress, and bring our attention to a focal point. Stiching. Creating. Connecting.

Sound good to you? Join us for an 6 week support group that will use creativity as a vehicle for self-exploration.

What are you waiting for?

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