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The Healing Starts Now.
Services Include:

Have you struggled with anxiety or depression? Is your child or teen becoming more irritable and distant? Do you notice feeling lost or overwhelmed most days? We are here to help you overcome life's obstacles and restore you to a place of peace.

Create Flow Heal Art Therapy & Counseling provides mental health counseling and art psychotherapy for individuals, families and community partners. Our holistic and expressive arts approach helps to break down verbal barriers that you or your child may encounter in regular talk therapy. Let the art do the talking for you! We are here to help.

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Amanda competed her master’s degree (MA) at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. with an emphasis on trauma-informed care and art psychotherapy. Her research included using bilateral art therapy while working with clients who were suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Amanda received her bachelor of science degree (BS) at the University of Central Florida with a concentration in psychology and a minor in studio art.

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Find comfort with art and therapy combined.

Clients may experience relaxation at many levels during their session. Dim lighting to help decrease anxiety, ambient music to assist in calm moods, and art supplies at your finger tips. Let's begin your healing journey through art and counseling. 

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3510 1ST AVE. N. STE. 232 ST. PETERSBURG, FL 33713

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