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Retreat Women's Circle on beach

Rite of Passage


Sunday, Oct. 22nd 2023

Calling all women who are going through a major life transition that has ROCKED you to the CORE leaving you feeling lost, alone and unrecognizable. Be it a breakup, a career change, empty nesting, a milestone birthday, a life transition, new habits, new parenthood, or retirement - this IS a Rite of Passage.


If this is you – I'd love to invite you to join me for a very special retreat in beautiful Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Within our sacred circle of like-minded sisters, you’ll find support, serenity,

acceptance, and love while exploring your next chapter in life.

Retreat group of women

 Rite of Passage will help you celebrate, commemorate, release, unite or reconcile using therapeutic arts, drama, somatic exercises and meditation. You will have an opportunity to create or move through a significant life change, choice, passage or transition. 

Create Your Vision...

Retreat participants March 2022.



You've just made it to Saint Pete Beach, Florida. You can't help but notice the sweet and sultry tropical air kissing your skin. Your shoulders drop, tension melts, and you take a deep,

cleansing breath.

You're now assured that you made a very wise choice for yourself... ​

Barefeet on Sand

... You hear seagulls call and the melody of crashing waves on the beach nearby.


Looking up at the sky, beautiful blue hues inspire you to bring color back into your life. The black and grey of your world slowly begins to change.

A sense of ease comes over you because you know you are right where you need to be! Taking care of YOU!

crystal bowl meditation.jpg


Find yourself hugging Mother Earth on Saint Pete's sandy white beaches.

Art Retreat

Retreat participants March 2022.

This Retreat is for you if...

Your world was recently rocked by a divorce, a major career change, you uprooted your life to a new city, had a baby, became an empty nester or

experienced a similar life changing event.


You are ready to tap into your unique creative gifts!

You seek clarity or direction in life.

You are ready to honor the grief you feel with this life transition, leading with love & compassion.

You desire freedom and the space to connect with others in meaningful conversations

You're ready to bust out of the humdrum and reconnect with your wild, authentic nature.

You are exploring personal identity and self-discovery.

If you answered YES to half of these or more, then this Expressive Arts Therapy Retreat was intentionally designed with YOU in mind!

That is exactly why you are going to LOVE gifting yourself this one day transformative, expressive and creative retreat that will bring you back to center.

Enjoy a FULL day of therapeutic arts, drama therapy, mindfulness meditation, nutritional food, sandy toes with a possible dip in the water at beautiful St. Pete Beach. Bring on the playfulness!

Wavy Hair

Retreat participants May 2023.

Spark your creative energy!

Throughout this retreat, you will begin to put the pieces of your beautiful self back together using somatic, expressive and theatrical techniques for healing guided by master level trained expressive arts therapist. Get to in touch with YOU again! Together, we will work towards...

Honoring the grief and loss you have experienced with your recent transition.

Reclaiming your voice! Let it be heard!

Discovering your new sense of purpose. 

Validating & expressing your feelings. 

Embracing the new path you are walking, learning skills to practice acceptance.

Creating a self-care plan for you to use upon returning home!

Participants will also enjoy 1 hour of individual coaching, scheduled after the retreat.

Retreat participant May 2023.

Group photo on beach
“Truly a fantastic experience. Overall felt like I learned new things about myself.”

- Retreat Participant May 2023

Enjoy lunch on us out at the courtyard! Feel nourished and complete with a green lush salad selection, fresh veggies and your choice of delicious condiments to enhance your tastebuds!

- Catering provided by local restaurants. 

Fresh Salad

You are speaking to my soul, how much is it?

$625+tax General Admission
$495+tax Early Bird Special until Aug. 1st

Meet your hosts...

We are happy to walk alongside you durning your healing journey! We hope to provide you with the ultimate expressive therapy experience during our retreat using drama, art and sound meditation! You won't be disappointed. 

The Venue...

suntan art center logo.jpeg

Welcome to the Suntan Art Center!

Located at the historic Don Vista Building and lying in the shadow of the Don Cesar Resort at Saint Pete Beach, the Suntan Art Center has been a historical landmark and thriving art educational center since the 1960's. 

With its beautiful tropical setting, guests will enjoy the outdoor courtyard, colorful gallery interior and bright sunny rooms.

art therapy retreat

Retreat participants May 2023.

woman journaling

Retreat participant May 2023.

suntan art center logo.jpeg
women group yoga meditation